Providing high quality products
by DLX Co.,LTD.

In this age of rapid change, the concept of product value has evolved with remarkable speed.
With a focus on productivity and profit, quality or usability occasionally get lost in the process.
Our products get made solely for their looks, in a desperate attempt to stay current.
Consumers must base their purchase decisions on information and values that flood their daily lives.

Amid all this, DLX may only be a relatively small operation, but we are determined to remain a group that respects our aesthetic sense and beliefs. We also seek to evolve with our customers,even if our creative approach appeals only to a minority population.

A quality product that reflects our lifestyles and that is made with conviction is likely to earn a reputation beyond time and place as a universal good, or "the real thing" in the true sense of the word. In our creative process and among our human relationships, we hope to develop extensive business activities that reflect our values, without falling under the simple definition of fashion.

DLX adheres to this philosophy as it pursues its own way of creating products.