Privacy Policy

DLX Co.,Ltd. ("DLX" hereinafter) recognizes the importance of handling private information with care, and complies with relevant laws in operating this website. DLX protects your private information under a strict management system to ensure that you can use this website with assurance.

Obtaining and using private information

DLX asks for your private information on this website to use for the purposes indicated below. Supplying us with private information is solely at your discretion, and DLX does not seek to coerce you in any way. However, there may be some services that you will not be able to use unless you provide us with private information.

1. To offer information on brands, products or stores
2. To offer information on services such as events
3. To reply to your questions about DLX
4. To ship products purchased or settle payments made at our online shopping site (Bridge)
5. To make contacts necessary for operating 1 to 4 above

Disclosing private information to a third party

DLX will not disclose private information to a third party except under the following circumstances:

1. We have received your prior consent.
2. The life, body, property, or other interests of you or a third party is at risk.
3. The proper operation of this website is at risk.
4. Failing to do so would violate other laws.

Managing private information, and our security measures

DLX will manage private information supplied by you appropriately and with care, and will take the necessary and appropriate safety measures to protect against the risk of information being leaked, lost, misused, manipulated, or illegally access. DLX is committed to protecting your private information.


DLX accepts all questions and requests concerning registration and comments regarding this website at the e-mail address shown below. In principle, we will not accept inquiries by phone.

E-mail address :

Revising (renewing) the WEB SITE PRIVACY POLICY

DLX will review this WEB SITE PRIVACY POLICY appropriately, and will post revisions promptly to this website when they are made.